RYO aka Ryo Utasato is an award winning Japanese composer with a rich body of work that runs the gamut from electronica to ambient to world music to rock and beyond. As a composer, Ryo specializes in writing scores for film and television. Although she is adept at drama, action and sci fy, horror is by far her favorite genre to work in. 

Her range of talent and unique experimental style is immediately striking and listening to one of her pieces will undoubtedly transport you to another place. Her soundtracks have appeared in a variety of films, TV and documentaries,. Ryo has vast experience in scoring such genres as sci-fi, drama, horror and action. Her work was also chosen for the theme of World Heritage series.

Ryo's incredible musical sense combined with her genuine interest in world culture has opened her mind and pushed her to experiment with different types of sounds and instruments. Her music often features a mixture of seemingly contrasting sounds which collide at different points and produce unexpectedly moving results.


On top of some of the more conventional instruments which Ryo has used in her music, she has also experimented with a number of others from different parts of the world such as the duduk (Armenia), the erhu (China) and the shamisen (Japan). The expanse and tremendous scale of her music is capable of taking us from one part of the globe to another, just by closing our eyes.

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